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Transmission Services

All Cars Spares and Repairs is known for expertise in transmission services and repairs in Victoria. We services include rebuilds, exchanges, and services. The transmission in your vehicle should be serviced at regular intervals, or if your car does a lot of heavy towing, you may require transmission maintenance more regularly. 

Our transmission team is entirely skilled and chose to specialize in this area. We are highly knowledgeable in the operation of torque converters, planetary gear sets, automatic transmission hydraulic and electronic controls, valve body repairs, driveline noises, vibrations and joint issues. 

If you are unsure, call us on (03) 9462 6112 today. We can guide you on the condition of the transmission fluid and the operation of the transmission.

  • Roadside Assistance / Electrical Break Downs Service

  • Fault Finding – Manual & Electronic

  • 12 volts&24-Volt Systems

  • Short Circuits & Battery Drain Problems

  • BCM Handshakes

  • Electric Brake Controller Installations

  • Alarm & Immobilizers

  • Driving Lights, Light Bars

  • Reverse Beepers and Cameras

  • Trailer and Anderson Plugs

  • Auxiliary Battery Installations

  • Alternator & Starter Motor Repair

  • Battery Replacements

  • Distributor Replacements

  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair

We would gladly help you with any queries you may have, directly call (03) 9462 6112.

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