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Suspension Specialist Cranbourne

Your suspension system does more than making your ride smoother! Indeed, it’s a critical element of driving safety, and without it, your tyres and brakes won’t work as well. Our customers never have complaint regarding their car suspension as we have expert suspension specialist in Cranbourne.

ALLCARS has an excellent range of springs, struts, shocks and everything you require for brilliant suspension. We expertise in diagnostics, installation, and supply of suspension parts and systems. We can also supply parts that you can install yourself.


  • ALLCARS offers a full range of suspension parts and service products to enhance your vehicle:

    • Increased steering response

    • Boosted braking accuracy & control

    • Better handling

    • 3D Wheel Alignment

    If you want the best performance and safety out of your car, then you require ALLCARS service.

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