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Brake Repairs Cranbourne

You must have seen in the movies how people try to get rid of their enemies by damaging the brakes of their cars. It means you would be aware of the criticalness of this component of the vehicle. We are not trying to scare you; we are just suggesting that you should trust only reputed service centre for all repairs, replacement, and servicing work related to the brakes of your vehicle. Our workshop is a recognized place for brake repairs in Cranbourne.

Whether your brakes squeak or pedal feels spongy, our expert technicians inspect all the components of the braking system and take the required action. They are adept at repairing all types of brakes, even the latest ones. And if any component needs to be replaced, we use only new parts of standard quality.

Clutch plays an important role in changing the gears of the vehicle, and hence you must keep it in the proper condition at all points of time. Whenever you notice any sign of trouble, such as sticking of the clutch, or the burning smell, bring your vehicle to us and get the perfect solutions to all your problems. We complete all clutch and brake repairs in Cranbourne as per the timings suitable to our customers.

When you require your brakes serviced, you cannot afford to make any faults.We are brake experts who pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge. ALLCARS only utilize the highest quality, new and remanufactured brake parts.

The braking system is unseen away out of sight and is one vehicle element that can be effortlessly forgotten. We advise that the braking system been inspected and serviced at least once every twelve months.

Brake Services offered by us comprise of:

  • Replace Brake Pads

  • Brake Fluid Flushing and Replacement

  • Brake Disc/Rotor and Drum Machining or Resurfacing

  • Replacement of Brake Discs and Drums

  • Brake Caliper Replaced

  • Brake Lines/Hose Replacement

  • Complete Brake Systems Replaced

If your brake pads need checking or replacing come to us and we will provide you top quality service every time. 

Even if your requirement differs from the above list, visit us, as we can handle anything and everything related to brakes and clutches.

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